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Our traders are true veterans who have mastered the art of investment at the highest level. They know the secrets of financial markets inside out and know how to extract maximum profits from them. Their approach to trading is precise, risk-aware and based on solid experience.

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  • Handel na US500Cash
  • Dźwignia 1.0
  • Typ konta: MT4 Pro (deposit min. $100)
  • Miesięczny zysk: 7-15%
  • Drawdown: 1-5%
Copy Trading z Fil
Veteran with 10 years of experience

FIL is a true veteran with as much as 10 years of experience as a professional trader. He is an expert in manual trading, that is, manually making trades in financial markets. He knows the market inside out and knows how to take advantage of every opportunity.

Secure account growth

With his vast experience, FIL has gained invaluable skills in market analysis, risk management and mastering emotions while trading. His strategies are well thought out and allow for safe and stable growth of the investment account.

The perfect day trader

FIL has an excellent understanding of market structure and is able to use it in his trading. His ability to identify key support and resistance levels, market trends and other factors affecting prices allows him to make accurate investment decisions. As a day trader, he is able to react quickly to changing market conditions, allowing him to profit from short-term market movements.

Gold EA

  • Handel na XAUUSD
  • Dźwignia
  • Typ konta: Cent (deposit min. $100)
  • Miesięczny zysk: 10-20%
  • Drawdown: 1-5%
Copy Trading z Gold EA
Discover the Magic of Strategy - Market Sniper

We invite you to a fascinating journey into the depths of the world of trading! Discover a magical strategy that has been carefully forged by GS Huracan - Market Sniper. It is an unprecedented combination of intensive intraday trading that focuses on the nuances of the GBPUSD / GBPJPY currency pairs, as well as the shiny gold XAUUSD. Huracan uses a Percentage account, which opens up the opportunity for you to trade larger lots on XAUUSD.

Aim as Precise as an Arrow and Moderate Risk

GS Huracan is a master marksman in the market, reading the pulse of the markets with incredible precision to hit his intended target. His strategy deftly balances risk minimization, with daily gains hovering in the 1-3% range. Moreover, Huracan controls risk with the precision of a surgeon, setting a maximum daily drawdown of 3%.

Gain Superpowers with Market Sniper

If you are looking for a strategy that will endow you with superpowers in the world of financial markets, Market Sniper is made for you. GS Huracan is a true maestro of trading, and his experience is a seal of guarantee. Choose the Market Sniper strategy and join the elite group of traders who cost success through unparalleled knowledge and precision in their approach to trading.