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A good foundation acquired in the right environment will allow you to achieve above-average results.

Copy trading

Have you ever wondered how the best investors consistently profit in the volatile cryptocurrency and forex markets?
Our Crypto Copy Trading platform allows you to mimic and replicate the strategies of expert traders so that you can grow your portfolio with ease and confidence.
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Ready to turn the tide in your favor and maximize your earnings in the crypto and forex markets?
Our proven crypto and forex signals, provided by experienced professionals, give you up-to-date information and reliable trading opportunities so you can make informed decisions and increase your financial success.
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Huracan Trading is a tool and, above all, a reflection of progressive innovation and the pursuit of independence.


The Hurricane Team combines state-of-the-art technology and expert experience to effectively manage investment risks and achieve positive results in financial markets.
We offer our partners tools and, most importantly, support and education, allowing them to fully exploit the potential of financial markets and achieve financial independence.